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upbeatlinux · 2016-08-08 · Original thread
I found each of these invaluable at different points in my life. YMMV

Biz - the Personal MBA - Josh Kaufman -

Org - the Fifth Discipline - Peter Senge -

SciFi - Perdido Street Station - China Mieville -

Parenting - The Continuum Concept - Jean Liedloff -

jrgifford · 2016-06-09 · Original thread
I've been teaching some folks how to code. It's helped a bit. I also have been reading more business books - things like the personal MBA [1], The Goal, how to win friends and influence people (old versions before he died). Basically, make an effort to speak their language, because they (probably) won't put in the effort to learn yours. Some will appreciate the effort and meet you half-way, others will be amazed that you can communicate with them.

[1] :

jsiarto · 2011-02-02 · Original thread
The Personal MBA is a great program and his book is just as good ( My wife and I are part-way through both and he covers just about everything you could care to know about running a successful business.

I have a BA and MA from a large state school and found the most rewarding things from my tenure in college were the relationships I built--not the classes. I would NEVER go into debt for a Master's or MBA--it's just not worth it. Find someone else to pay (scholarship, assistantship, teaching) or get to work, it's better experience anyway.

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