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teachrdan · 2019-08-09 · Original thread
This is a great companion to "The Goal" and "The Phoenix Project," both of which use fictional narratives to illustrate best engineering practices in the context of saving a (fictional) business.

jeffm3 · 2019-05-26 · Original thread
In 2013 (only 5 years ago!), The Phoenix Project [1] came out. Very interesting to read what has changed since then and how some concepts that were considered new at the time are take for granted. It's a pretty easy read, ideal as an audio book.


franzwong · 2019-01-11 · Original thread
No matter you want to become a manager or architect, you need to know how to run a project.

The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win

woqe · 2018-04-25 · Original thread
I just finished reading the Phoenix Project, and I wanted to say the beginning of this post read almost exactly like the first 3/4's of the book.

joshmarlow · 2018-04-04 · Original thread
You may be interested in "The Phoenix Project" [0] which tries to apply some lessons from factory management to IT organizations.

My biggest take-away (and it's served me well as a team lead) is minimize work in progress (WIP). In practice, that meant encouraging contributors to focus on getting opened PRs reviewed/merged/deployed rather than opening new ones - which has cascading benefits.

A related takeaway is that when resources (engineers, key machines) are planned to be at capacity, they have no slack for dealing with unplanned work, so it's good to plan for resources to be under-utilized at certain times so that they can be more agile.

I've never seen "The Profit" but I'm looking forward to watching it now!

[0] -

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Jtsummers · 2017-11-20 · Original thread
That book is next on my reading list, but also worth checking out is "The Phoenix Project". It applies the concepts of "The Goal" to IT (operations to start, but it gets extended to development through the book).

foz · 2017-02-26 · Original thread
"Managing Humans" by Michael Lopp made a huge impression on me and my career.

Also, "The Phoenix Project" which IMO is a groundbreaking work on how to make IT/business more effective (and the start of the DevOps movement).

Even if you're not a manager, both books are very approachable and packed with great lessons about how improve and better work with people, teams, and business.

mikevm · 2016-10-03 · Original thread
Gene Kim is also one of the authors of "The Phoenix Project"[0] which is a highly recommended read.


fatterego · 2016-07-15 · Original thread
The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford -
lukev · 2016-01-20 · Original thread
A really great book about this concept, applied specifically to software, is The Phoenix Project ( I recommend it highly.
njones · 2015-06-29 · Original thread
I'd recommend the Phoenix Project - very easy read.

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