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brownbat · 2013-09-02 · Original thread
Most of English's "problems" come from a sort of natural drift that all languages experience all the time. There's no way to freeze a language in its "most useful" form, because a billion different speakers are simultaneously pulling it in different directions. It either ends up as a sort of democratic consensus, or eventually fractures into mutually unintelligible dialects.

1. Shakespearean pronunciation:

2. Problems that would be caused by simplifying spelling:

3. Power of Babel:

4. Toastmasters speech about "Manglish": (Toastmasters has its own version of English, full of over the top gestures. Also recommended, search for Singlish on Youtube.)

hansengel · 2011-04-15 · Original thread
If you're into this sort of stuff, John McWhorter describes this theory and many others in his introductory book to (mostly historical) linguistics, The Power of Babel [].

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