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s_y_n_t_a_x · 2019-12-10 · Original thread
Hacking is about solving a series of specific problems. Reading will give you direct insight into another's pre-established knowledge, but it's probably not relevant, and it may not be correct.

Code kata in my opinion is the superior way to learn. Code through practice and repetition, just like every other skill.

Ironically, you can read a book about it

hsitz · 2019-12-02 · Original thread
I didn't see any mention of in a quick look through the linked website, but the book "The Pragmatic Programmer" is one of the best resources you'll find for making the most out of text-based tools. PP goes a little beyond that, too, it's not the book's sole focus, but it's a major one, and the book is a classic:

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