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btilly · 2018-06-11 · Original thread
Marriage can work out with either party getting the better end, and divorce usually works out with both parties getting screwed by lawyers. However, on average, men still come out better than women do.

See for documentation of this fact.

(Speaking anecdotally, I came out much worse off for my first marriage and that was mostly my fault. My second marriage has been a delight though.)

btilly · 2011-07-19 · Original thread
I did not claim to have refuted onemoreact's claim. However I made it clear that that particular claim needs more support and isn't exactly obvious.

That said anyone quoting statistics should be able to back them up. I encountered the custody figure, along with a lot of other useful information about how the results of divorce are harder on women than men, in It is an interesting read, though not exactly the sort of thing you want your wife to encounter during her first pregnancy. (Which is how I learned about that book...)

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