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jgalt212 · 2019-11-13 · Original thread
Indeed, but interestingly enough the book, The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power, only has 9 mentions of the word computer and zero for supercomputer.

The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power

nsp · 2017-08-09 · Original thread
This is probably more than you want to read, but The Prize by Daniel Yergin is a stellar history of the oil industry from 1800s-1990s
marai2 · 2015-12-07 · Original thread
I don't mean to hijack this thread, but I too wasn't interested in history at all until I read this book: The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power ( Which was a fascinating history from the rise of oil in modern times uptil the first Gulf War. I would love recommendations on other history books that got people turned onto history?
saryant · 2014-07-05 · Original thread
The Prize by Daniel Yergin devotes several chapters to the impact of oil in WW2, notably the destruction of the Shell complex at Balikpapan in the Pacific and Ike's decision to allocate fuel to Montgomery instead of Patton when stocks ran low, boosting Montgomery's march towards Antwerp but stopping Patton two days short of the Saar.

He covers everything from Japan's desire for the oil production of Indonesia to Germany's doomed synthetic fuel effort. The author also covers Nimitz's focus on denying oil resources to Japan, a strategy that eventually let him land several fatal blows to the Imperial Navy and end the war in the Pacific.

Nimitz was so successful in that strategy that near the end of the war, the Japanese began using kamikaze attacks against American naval vessels as a fuel-saving tactic, since pilots only required half as much fuel to complete their mission.

hangonhn · 2014-02-07 · Original thread

So you watch a YouTube video and thinks you know everything about oil.

Try reading Yergin's "The Prize", which won the Pulitzer Prize award.

and also try reading the Quest by him as well.

"That is a good manipulation. I do not think that this is a joke becaus you must know that the major manufacturer is the China yet the major oil conumers are Europe and US, The consumers consume 15 times more oil per capita than average chaneese (and 3 times more in absolute figures). So, you do not need the oil to produce. You need it to consume."

You're the one doing "manipulation". You made the bold statement that "ALL" of it goes into cars and I point out to you that not "ALL" of it goes into vehicle, which is backed up by the link you cited. . Do you realize that your link actually supports my claims?

I can stop here because either you don't understand the meaning of "all" or have some kind of weird grudge against the western world.

brimanning · 2013-04-26 · Original thread
For more on the history of oil, The Prize by Daniel Yergin is an excellent read. While long, it's quite captivating and interesting.

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