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jethrokuan · 2012-08-30 · Original thread
When beginning learning RoR, look through Rails for Zombies ( and Try Ruby ( to get a feel of the new language. It's quite different from C/C++/Java.

You'll get better working out and experimenting with things on your own, but Hartl's book serves as a great beginner's guide (while being comprehensive).

I think "The Rails Way" by Obie Fernandez works as a good reference book after you get more experienced as well.

That's bout all(:

sleight42 · 2010-07-02 · Original thread
He's particularly known for writing The Rails Way published by Addison-Wesley ( which he did just prior to founding Hashrocket.
The Rails Way is pretty good.

I've found the peepcode webcasts worth their weight in gold, but that's not a book =)

And I found Design Patterns in Ruby pretty good for Ruby beginners

dpnewman · 2009-06-30 · Original thread
Railcasts by Ryan Bates are phenomenal.

I went through this book when I was learning Rails. I liked the fact that by the end, I had accomplished a bunch of things that I knew I would use again and again.

For a have on hand reference:

And a good compilation of beginner resources:

nickb · 2008-01-26 · Original thread
Forget about online tutorials... they're all skimpy and short on details. Just get Obie's book 'The Rails Way.' It's definitely THE BEST book on Rails available today.

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