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grecy · 2021-02-07 · Original thread
I recently spent 3 years driving right around Africa [1]. I spent almost a month in 35 separate countries, met countless interesting and thoughtful people and had all kinds of adventures.

Now I'm back in the Developed world (I toured North America, speaking about my trip and experiences) tons of people want to talk about what is "wrong" in Africa, and a very large percentage of people very quickly say the following two things:

- Africans are too lazy to help themselves.

- Africans are too corrupt, they're doomed.

NOTE: I categorically DO NOT agree with or support this thinking, and I try my hardest to dissuade it as much as I can. But in my experience many people in the developed world think this way. So to answer your question, yes, people blame the predominate race in non-white countries.


grecy · 2021-01-02 · Original thread
I recently drove right around Africa - 54,000 miles through 35 countries, basically around the entire coastline. I have a bunch of videos from the trip [1] and I've just published a book about it too [2]



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