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For the former, I need to look around, I've been fighting it since the early-mid '70s, not long after sugar price supports destroyed the moonshine industry and the BATF was in danger of being downsized because their Revenuers were out of a job. But they had this shiny new Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968 which completely changed the legal regime for gun sales and they preceded to use and abuse it heavily.

For the latter, this book is supposed to be good, probably the best in breadth, I've read quite a bit of the author's words and he's honest and very good, and the used price is right:

I have to run right now, I'll see what I can come up with later (you might want to add your email address to your "about" entry to make it easier to contact you).

And your point about "a modern, large scale, egalitarian society" is spot on: "God created men, and Samuel Colt made the equal" is the old saw. Adjust as desired, e.g. the feminist version is "created men and women"....

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