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dmix · 2018-01-29 · Original thread
Years ago I accidentally came across a really good book that explores Schopenhauer's fascinating worldview through the lens of psychiatry and personal development, called "The Schopenhauer Cure", which got me hooked on Schopenhauer (and a lesser extent Nietzsche):

I highly recommend it to people who would consider themselves on the logical/intelligent end of the spectrum and who tend to pursue their work, accomplishments, and gaining knowledge above all else in life.

It's also a great soft introduction to his work, without having to read dense 19th century philosophy.

One of the most useful lessons I learn from Schopenhauer was to look beyond structuring your life around trying to be "happy" and avoiding being "sad", and instead seek some deeper meaning beyond some fleeting emotional chemical reactions in your brain. It makes me laugh now when

I now laugh when I hear people say "money doesn't make you happy", not so much for the money part, but the fallacy of using an emotion like "being happy" as the measure for a quality life.

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