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lotsofmangos · 2015-02-23 · Original thread
"There have been numerous studies in which the effects of marijuana have been assesed on performance in driving simulators and even a few studies conducted in city traffic. Much to everyone's surprise, the results of many of these studies revealed only relatively small impairments in driving skills, even after quite large doses of the drug. Several of the early studies showed no impairment at all, but as driving simulators grew more sophisticated and the tasks became more complex and demanding, impairments were observed, for example in peripheral vision and lane control. Marijuana users, however seem to be aware that their driving skills may be impaired and they tend to compensate by driving more slowly, keeping some distance from the vehicle ahead and in general take fewer risks (Smiley, 1986). This is in marked contrast to the effects of alcohol, which produces clear impairments in many aspects of driving skill as assesed in driving simulators. Alcohol also tends to encourage people to take greater risks and drive more aggresively" (Iversen, 2008, p.95)

Now personally I do not think it is at all a good idea to drive when stoned, but I do not consider it anywhere near as dangerous as driving when drunk.

Same goes for a lot of other drugs. I'd rather get in a car with someone driving on LSD than on alcohol. They might think the other cars are penguins, but their reaction time if the penguins get too close is still going to be reasonable.

People who drive under the influence of any mind altering substance (be it alcohol or weed) should have their driving privileges taken away

Caffine and most painkillers fall into this definition. I'd rather just replace the ignition system with a short driving game that you have to complete to start the car.

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