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jonsen · 2018-05-20 · Original thread
If you are tempted to dig further into these techniques there's this book:

serhei · 2017-07-03 · Original thread
Heck, the basic methods of writing provably correct programs have been explained in plain English since at least the 70s:

This is not some rocket science type verification with a dependently typed theorem prover language, it's fairly simple paper and pencil logic. It should not be hard to adapt it to Solidity specific concepts like running out of gas.

The reason these techniques are mostly ignored is that the techniques don't scale at all to large programs calling APIs with imprecise semantics (e.g. filesystem, network), and most people would rather publish imperfect software and iterate rather than spec everything up front. Well, unlike most software, contracts are not large, their semantics are meant to be 100% precise, and most people would rather take the time to make sure a contract does what it claims to do rather than discover a bug afterwards. I would hope.

limist · 2010-09-07 · Original thread
@jhck, drothlis: Thank you very much to both of you, those suggestions are exactly what was asked for. I'd upvote you more if I could. :)

Both the Gries book and Stepanov's book have really impressive reviews on Amazon, am looking forward to diving into them.

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