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JoachimS · 2016-12-22 · Original thread
I can recommend the book The Second Machine Age that discuss this topic thoroughly:

There is also a (imho) great SF short story by Marshall Brain about this:

applecore · 2015-07-05 · Original thread
The full video of Rupert's opening keynote at the Luxury Summit [1], informed by Brynjolfsson's recent monograph, The Second Machine Age [2], is epic and well worth a listen.



njyx · 2014-03-21 · Original thread
AI is already here - the interfaces may be messy (Siri's speech interface or typing, but humans are using intelligent systems of varying degrees all the time. The real question is how people can adapt to that quickly changing world.

Brynjolfsson and McAfee's new book "The Second Machine Age"is awesome on the general effect of AI on society:

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