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hga · 2010-11-27 · Original thread
I understood the world a whole lot better after reading The Selfish Gene (e.g. but see if you can find a used copy of an earlier edition). This is the book that introduced the meme meme.

Biology in general is tremendously useful in providing you with a whole set of patterns and models of "things that work" (in the proper context, of course). Studying some college level general biology is recommended if you haven't already.

dkuchar · 2010-10-12 · Original thread
besides "you and everyone you know are going to die" at age 3, or "there is no santa claus" which logically led to "God is an imaginary friend for grown ups" at age 10.

The fact that we're all akin to lumbering flesh robots designed to help our genetic material persist. That was kind of humbling.

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