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dkl · 2013-07-10 · Original thread
One that I ran across today:

I will never buy an electronic copy for more than a paperback. Ever. I've actually written to published to complain about it.

runjake · 2013-07-10 · Original thread
Once again, I suggest everyone interested read James Bamford's book Shadow Factory.

All these revelations regarding call metadata, PRISM collection (albeit under a different codename at the time), modern fiber taps, and even more are covered.

You'll learn about how they shave fiber optic cables in order to intercept traffic and not be detected. You'll find out about the various facilities already reported, along with others like the NSA Georgia facility. You'll find out exactly where on what beach these fiber lines run in and out of. It's a very well-researched book.

You'll learn a lot more than what's been verified with these leaks.

res0nat0r · 2013-06-20 · Original thread
Much of this ISP / Tier 1 Network sniffing by Narus and other private tech companies is documented in James Bamfords' book about the NSA dating back to 2008.

It has been going on for a long time.

wyck · 2013-03-19 · Original thread
That room is just the tip of the iceberg, fiber splitters are everywhere (literally) and guess what happens to oversea ISP's that think they are protected, they also get routed to the proper sniff boxes, or get covert ones installed. That big data warehouse in Utah should be nicknamed the funnel.

This book details some of the backroom agreements big telecoms have had for decades that "relieve" them of legal responsibility.

runjake · 2011-03-15 · Original thread
Echelon is largely old news. The best modern, public look at the current series (yes, series, and disparate at that) of systems is James Bamford's latest book, "Shadow Factory". It is full of fairly technical details, names, and places.

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