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chhib · 2016-09-12 · Original thread
Everything thoroughly documented here: It is a great book which really explains how extreme an investor Buffett is. Few would be able to stay fully invested for a lifetime like he has.
I've been listening to The Snowball, a biography of Warren Buffett. Fascinating guy.

sayemm · 2010-12-06 · Original thread
"The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life", by Alice Schroeder -

This is by far the best biography on the man. Alice Schroeder did an amazing job. His life story is incredibly instructive whether you're an entrepreneur or an investor. When you study Buffett's life you get a deep appreciation for the intangible qualities that define extraordinary entrepreneurs.

Best business book I've ever read, and probably will ever read. I don't say that lightly. My copy is thoroughly dog-eared, highlighted, and I turn to it over and over again.

Will teach you far more business than any MBA will -- but only if you're serious about learning, and reading through 832 pages.

nadim · 2008-11-17 · Original thread
My understanding of the SEC has evolved since I just finished the Snowball Warren Buffet book ( There is a section that discusses his run in with the SEC and there is a behind the scenes discussion before charges are pressed (in WB's case, not pressed). I think Cuban has already had a chance to defend himself behind the scenes, and despite this the SEC is still deciding to prosecute. This has example written all over it.

Read the statement of facts in the PDF as well: ( After reading it, chances seem slim that he's innocent.

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