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sethhochberg · 2018-10-01 · Original thread
Putting my mostly-retired audio engineer hat back on for a minute...

The Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook

This is basically the soundman's bible. Sold for an aspiring live sound engineer, has much more than just advice for live sound guys - covering everything from microphones to acoustics to basic electronics to handy rules of thumb to MIDI, all written to be relentlessly pragmatic. It even has a handy appendix covering logarithms.

This isn't the book to give you the final "20%" of knowledge on anything it covers - but it will help you on your way to the first 80% a lot more quickly than most other writing on anything related to semi/pro audio, and pretty much every expert in the field is at least familiar with it, if they don't own a copy.

There seem to be plenty of people interested in music and audio around here, so hopefully someone finds the unusual reference useful.

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