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DanBC · 2018-06-04 · Original thread
There are books of political posters. I wonder if there are any for US political posters?

The artwork in these books is amazing.

I have this one:

(I was awarded a book token as a merit prize at school. I chose this book. There was fleeting mild consternation on the faces of the teachers and the Conservative politician as they handed me the book in the award ceremony.)

DanBC · 2015-09-20 · Original thread
There are (were) books collecting Soviet political posters.

Here's one example:

That one is lovely; A3 with reasonable printing. I'm a bit surprised there aren't more books. The posters cover a wide range of propaganda - including public health.

DanBC · 2013-05-02 · Original thread
People in the UK are fine with such images. Soviet imagery (usually fake cyrillic with reversed capital Rs) makes its way into advertisements and such pretty often.

Most youth will only be vaguely aware of the origins of that style of imagery.

It is a bit weird, now that I think about it. It's a bit like Korean bars being "Hitler themed".

It would have been a lot more weird if they were showcasing actual Manchester City Council workers.

EDIT: Here's a great book about soviet political posters. I won an award at school, and I chose this book. It was handed to me by, I think, Baroness Warnock. I can't remember what she said, but it was kind and funny.


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