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songzme · 2022-06-24 · Original thread
I recently got interested in looking at the planets and constellations and I want to suggest these to anyone who is interested:

This book introduced me to how the earth moves and how to find any constellations in the sky:

My area has pretty bad light pollution and so having this binoculars really helps to see the hard to see stars (The wide angles helps you see several stars at once so I prefer it to the telescopes):

niels_olson · 2010-09-24 · Original thread
My son is 5 and has proven to be a total scientist. His current favorite book: H A Rey's The Stars, A New Way to See Them. We take that, a red flashlight, and binoculars out back before bed. He insists on learning the stories. The "kit" of the book, binos and red light sit on the coffee table by the back door, ever ready.

Here's a new topic, please tell us about great books you recommend for boys:

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