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swasheck · 2019-04-01 · Original thread
His "The Storm Before the Storm" ( is a great read as well. I was genuinely saddened when I finished it.
Balgair · 2018-10-16 · Original thread

A good look into this further is Mike Duncan's The Storm before the Storm that leads into the Sulla era:

Duncan's The History of Rome podcast is very good overall and very much worth a listen.

gooseus · 2017-11-07 · Original thread
Ha, I specifically remember this as one of my favorite episodes from the History of Rome Podcast[0] by Michael Duncan (#98 in linked list[1]).

Of some relevance is his new book that just came out, The Storm Before the Storm[2], which details the events that preceded the rise of Julius Caesar and paved the way for him to overthrow the republic.




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