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Tangentially - no scifi books have worked on my mind in the same way that the Three Body Problem trilogy.

fragmede · 2017-12-19 · Original thread
These are all hard sci-fi, and much like Dark Mirror, given today's troubles, it's simultaneously entertaining while being intellectually stimulating, but in a way that feels relevant, even if not immediately actionable.

The first is what got me hooked, and back into reading.

The Wages of Humanity, is a short story by Liu Cixin. The short story used to be available by itself on Amazon, but now it's been disappeared[1]. It can be found as the last story in The Wandering Earth: Classic Science Fiction Collection.[2]

An assassin is being offered exorbitant sum to kill the three poorest people for some reason, and the book explores why, to a thrilling conclusion.

Since I found it as a stand alone story I cannot comment on the rest of the books in that collection. From there I read into The Three Body Problem[3], and Dark Forest by Liu Cixin; first two books of the Remembrance of Earth's Past trilogy. The only reason I don't mention I have not (yet) finished reading the third book.

[1] This link now returns a 404: but it's what the URL my Kindle points to. Search does not find the stand alone edition.



bmer · 2016-07-26 · Original thread
The first thing I thought too, when I read this. "Trisolaris" is a reference to an amazing sci-fi novel, "Three Body Problem" which I would highly recommend (it originally came out in Mandarin, but it has a great translation):
breck · 2016-07-08 · Original thread
If you like SciFi, a relevant trilogy that I would highly recommend is The Three Body Problem/The Dark Forest/Death's End by Cixin Liu:

davorb · 2016-01-21 · Original thread
Check out Cixin Liu! His style is quite different, but I'm sure that you won't be disappointed.

ledzep2 · 2015-02-16 · Original thread
The Three-body Problem. It raises the bar of sci-fi literature in China.

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