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morgango · 2024-02-09 · Original thread
I am an engineer and have been working in Sales Engineering for more than 15 years now. You are on an interesting and fruitful quest and I wish you well.

The biggest shift in moving from engineering to sales is that your priority is no longer being the smartest person in the room. Unless, of course, you understand that the smartest person in the room is the person who gets the deal done in a mutually advantageous way. There will always be someone who wants to appear smarter than you, LET THEM. Your goal is to make a living.

The one thing I would say to remember is that your integrity is the most valuable thing that you have, bar none. Don't trade it away for anything. Over the long-term, sales is about finding a great solution that meets the needs of your customer, not winning deals or negotiations.

Here are a few books I found useful in my journey: * Let's get real or let's not play - * The Three value conversations - * Never Split the Difference - * Leadership is Language - * Draw to win -

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