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iopuy · 2018-05-18 · Original thread
Posted this in another comment but will do so again here:

A quick run down of some simple browser based extensions to give you back some semblance of privacy and security:

    1. uBlock Origin - best open source ad blocker
    2. Ghostery - stops you from being tracked as much as possible
    3. Chrome UA Spoofer - Use chrome but set the user agent to firefox, this way custom exploits target the wrong browser saving you from being pwned
    4. HTTPS Everywhere - Defualts sites to https if possible
I'd also recommend everyone pick up a copy of The Transparent Society ( as it goes into depth on individual privacy and the right to access information about those in control of society.

DennisP · 2013-02-26 · Original thread
David Brin's Transparent Society gets more relevant every day.

billswift · 2009-09-07 · Original thread
Have any of you read David Brin's "Transparent Society" He makes the argument that universal monitoring is going to happen, almost certainly, and the only real alternatives is who gets to watch, just the gov't, or will we get to keep an eye on the gov't too?
ivankirigin · 2007-09-28 · Original thread
I've worked in automated surveillance. No one is watching the feeds.

A trained professional watching a single video feed will miss 90% of important activity after 20 minutes. There are 3 million CCTV cameras in the UK.

Like I said, no one is watching.

But automated surveillance is getting very good. A single server can currently run around 5 video streams. At least that was what Intellivid could do last I spoke with them. They do retail loss prevention. They're based in Cambridge and look like a good company for any hackers.

Very, very soon, all of these CCTVs are going to be "turned on". Computers will find anomalous behavior, identify people from their gait (how they walk -- surprisingly more reliable than face recognition), track them across multiple cameras even with large gaps in footage, etc.. Gunshot detection and localization is pretty easy, but goes beyond the camera systems.

There is a book everyone interested in the topic needs to read on the subject: The Transparent Society

The solution is not regressing. The systems are here.

The solution is openness. Almost all government CCTV feeds should be open to public view, for example.

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