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k_sh · 2017-08-22 · Original thread
I did this a few weeks ago, and I feel less stressed as a result.

If you're trying to spend more time creating things, I suggest you give The War of Art[1] by Steven Pressfield a read. It put words to a gnawing feeling I've felt since my late teenage years, but never knew how to confront.


base698 · 2012-07-03 · Original thread
Sounds like this guy took War of Art a little seriously.

As a younger person in college I always felt that being confident enough to move to Silicon Valley and try to get attention you'd have to be able to code a compiler in an interview for a language you've never seen on a machine you were unfamiliar with. Or if you were the artist type you'd produce work universally lauded for both it's execution and creativity. I guess you have to start somewhere, why not here? Oh yeah, 10,000 hours rule that's right. :)

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