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href · 2016-12-12 · Original thread
For me it was Zen, which I heard is in some ways quite similar to Stoicism. A good start is Alan Watts' "The Way of Zen":

monroepe · 2015-06-02 · Original thread
The Way of Zen by Alan Watts is really good. I learned a lot and it helped me view the world differently.

juanre · 2014-10-06 · Original thread
Alan Watts' The Way of Zen[1] is a great, rather iconoclastic, introduction to Zen and one if his best works. Another wonderful read is D.T. Suzuki's Zen and Japanese Culture[2]. And R.H. Blyth's Zen in English Literature and Oriental Classics is a jewell of a book.[3]

[1] [2] [3]

Benferhat · 2012-12-30 · Original thread
Do you count happiness, contentment, enlightenment, higher states of consciousness, etc., as superpowers? Either of these two books might change your life forever.

Both by Alan Watts: The Way of Zen [1], and The Book on the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are [2]





ianterrell · 2011-07-01 · Original thread
The concept that verse espouses is Wu Wei. It's worth anyone's time to understand. My favorite explanations of it come from Alan Watts in Tao: The Watercourse Way [0], but Wikipedia [1] is not terrible.

The other concept indicated in the last paragraph on "results tank" not "effort tank" is lust of result. There aren't as many sources discussing this topic directly, but Zen in the Art of Archery [2] is good, as is Watts' Way of Zen [3].

I highly recommend them all for anyone interested in creating things.





swombat · 2010-03-11 · Original thread
If you're looking for a good introductory book to some of the buddhist/taoist/zen concepts touched upon in this article, I highly recommend Alan Watts' books.

Here's one that I've particularly enjoyed:

It's a collection of lectures that he gave over a decade or so, in the 60s. It introduces most of the really important concepts of eastern philosophy.

This book provides a nice follow-up to the previous one, with a much more complete, detailed, academic view of the topics, which helps gain a better understanding of it all:

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