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taylorbuley · 2012-07-05 · Original thread
Nice recommendation tptacek. Also nice is the book by the author of the same software:
klt0825 · 2011-12-31 · Original thread
I have been keeping a list of books I used to augment my CS Masters Degree courses on various topics, here are the relevant ones I have found useful for the topics you have listed:

--Computer Organization--:

Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective

I liked this much better than Computer Organization and Design by Patterson and Hennessy which everyone has encountered at some point. The developer-centric view was very cool.

--Computer Security--:

Kernel Exploitation: Attacking the Core

Most 'hacking' books are goofy. This one is very good and doubles nicely as a hackers operating systems text.

Web Application Hackers Handbook

Very nice overview for web concerns.

--Operating Systems-:

Operating System Design and Implementation

I don't agree with Tanenbaum's views on micro vs. monolithic kernels but this book is a great mix of theory and implementation.

Linux Kernel Devleopment

I used this to get a feel for the monolithic implementations of topics covered by Tanenbaum.


TCP/IP Illustrated Series. More than you would ever want to know.

estel · 2011-06-21 · Original thread
The Web Application Hacker's Handbook is most widely cited in a more general sense. I'm reading it myself at the moment -
broohaha · 2011-03-19 · Original thread

Awesome book covers EVERYTHING with practical instructions + a comprehensive checklist.

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