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PaulHoule · 2021-11-18 · Original thread
Talk therapy can be 100% as good as you say it is.

Every 7-10 years or so most people encounter times of crisis that usually resolve in 2 to 3 years. See

An extended psychotherapy like the one Freud wrote about spans such a period. Personally I have gotten much benefit from 10 sessions of therapy in a pinch.

The Exercise and the SNRI/SSRI work together with the talk therapy when you are in crisis. They counteract damage that stress does to the nervous system. You've still got access to your feelings, but your immediate response is attenuated.

As you heal you should still exercise but would probably stop taking the meds, preferably with the agreement of your doc.

Beyond therapy there are many things you can do to heal and grow. It is great to pick up some project you'd abandoned long ago. For instance one middle-aged woman wanted to ride horses when she was a girl and started riding at my stable.

Search for meaning. Right now I am doing an art project and looking for answers in psychology, sociology, literature, etc.

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