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SonicSoul · 2017-02-10 · Original thread
if you like this, you may find this book interesting:

The Works: Anatomy of a City.

my GF got it for her post grad architecture degree and i found it really well illustrated and interesting! For example it outlines the steam grid in NYC and current vs historic uses

a3n · 2016-12-02 · Original thread
> This is actually one of the most fascinating aspects of modern society to me. I can't resist opportunities to tour local infrastructure.

Two of my favorite books:

The Works: Anatomy of a City

What Do People Do All Day

wallflower · 2016-08-19 · Original thread
I highly recommend Kate Ascher's "The Works: The Anatomy of a City" if you are fascinated by underground and other workings.

somberi · 2015-02-07 · Original thread
On a similar note, about NYC infrastructure design (not just data connectivity), I highly recommend Kate Ascher's "The Works: Anatomy of a city".

Tashtego · 2012-08-10 · Original thread
If you like this, you'll love Kate Ascher's The Works: Anatomy of a City ( It's slightly out of date (but much more up to date than the OP!).

And if you like that, you'll REALLY love Brian Hayes' Infrastructure: A Field Guide to the Industrial Landscape ( It's porn for people who like to try to figure out what the random towers in a chemical plant do, or how the electrical station you just passed on the interstate works.

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