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drio · 2017-06-05 · Original thread
Think stats ( is very enjoyable and very practical. You can read it online for free.
markatkinson · 2015-05-08 · Original thread
As already mentioned machine learning is a lot of statistics. There are some really good machine learning and statistics books on O Reilly Publishers. These two are a great start:

Then last but certainly not least head on over to

They have introductory competitions which are awesome, as they are practical and you actually get involved.

Good luck!

webmaven · 2014-09-03 · Original thread


* The Hollows series by Kim Harrison:

* Discworld series by Terry Pratchett:

* Dresden FIles by Jim Butcher:

* Wiz by Rick Cook:


* Programming Google App Engine with Python:

* The latest additions to the Lean Series:

* Think Stats:

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