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valeg · 2018-03-29 · Original thread
Thinking and Deciding by Jonathan Baron:

General System Theory by Ludwig von Bertalanffy:

gnicholas · 2017-01-19 · Original thread
Thinking and Deciding by Jonathan Baron:

(I say this as someone who has read Thinking, Fast and Slow and other Kahneman books.)

billswift · 2011-11-25 · Original thread
I will definitely second Atul Gawande's Checklist Manifesto.

Eliyahu Goldratt's books (I have read Critical Chain and It's Not Luck as well as The Goal) are not as original as often claimed. They are very readable introductions, but a good project management text will cover most of what they do and more. The project management book that I have found most helpful is Project Management With Cpm, Pert and Precedence Diagramming; despite its age (1983) it covers a wider variety of techniques with more detail and less extraneous crud than any of the others I have seen (note I am still researching this area, anyone who has a favorite book can leave it in a comment).

Jonathan Baron's Thinking and Deciding is one of the best books on improving your thinking in general that I have ever read.

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