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technofire · 2017-07-23 · Original thread
I have 2 recommendations:

1. "Thinking Strategically," written by a professor at the Yale School of Management and an economics professor at Princeton.[1]

This one is basically a primer on game theory, which I think would be useful for you particularly if you are facing off someone at work. It gets you thinking about incentives of each party and figuring out the different ways situations could play out.

2. "The First 90 Days," published by Harvard Business Review Press.[2]

Obviously, it's targeted at those transitioning into a new leadership position, but in my opinion the strategies can apply even to those who are in incumbent positions as it's never too late to turn the page and start taking a fresh approach or step up one's level of effort at work.

It includes an actionable plan for feeling out the pain points of others you need to impress and tackling their problems in a visible manner. This one is less about politics per se but more about being a very effective leader in a highly visible manner, which can help one to move up the ladder.



petervidani · 2008-09-16 · Original thread
Thinking Strategically is one of my favorites. It spends each chapter analyzing techniques of competition, trend, and innovation. It reads quite easily and offers outside examples ranging from sports, large corporations, and world wars.

While you may find it challenging to read straight through, it works well, too, as something to pick up every so often or to read alongside other reading material. Even for those of you without a peaking interest in business, the advice presented in the book is undeniable logic that will definitely appeal to programmers and entrepreneurs alike.

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