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I always carry a note book with me. It has my plan for the day (, random notes and random doodles. I got into it after purchasing an old copy of Thinking With A Pencil ( which I think was a recommendation from some thread in here.

I am not sure what it does for me, but I've been quite consistent for well over a year now and I do find all my old note books are quite fun to scan through.

oasisbob · 2015-08-11 · Original thread
Another fun type of graph paper is composed of triangles in a hexagonal grid, commonly used for making isometric drawings:

For those of you looking to improve your by-hand visual communication skills, a cool old book is _Thinking with a Pencil_ . I picked up a copy a few months ago, and have been enjoying working through the exercises as I find time (which also includes isometric techniques):

billswift · 2011-11-25 · Original thread
Thinking with a Pencil, by Henning Nelms, would be a better choice for practical drawing and design, rather than Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

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