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jfornear · 2018-08-02 · Original thread
A few design-related resources I'd add to the list that I found helpful while building my Jekyll site (

• Matthew Butterick’s Practical Typography ( is the best way to learn typography.

• Ellen Lupton's Thinking with Type ( is a great book on typography, grids, and layout.

• Typekit Cache ( for fixing the infamous Flash Of Invisible/Unstyled Text problem if/when using Typekit webfonts.

rbreve · 2013-05-25 · Original thread
For the web/mobile one of the most fundamental aspects of design is typography, study it, I recommend this book. Also it will teach you to diagram and grids, your design will improve a lot with that.

tylerrooney · 2011-06-24 · Original thread
I'd also highly recommend Thinking With Type. It's a very quick read (as most of the book is visual) and gives you a great foundation for understanding and designing with typography.

brianwillis · 2011-05-13 · Original thread
Go read Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton

Then go and get a Typekit account and start experimenting.

Good design (any kind of design, not just web design) requires time and iteration. It's a skill, you have to practise it.

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