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jlevers · 2020-02-07 · Original thread
My understanding is that once you start cloud seeding, you can't really stop...if you stop, you'll have runaway warming at a significantly accelerated rate[0].

I'm pretty wary of geoengineering, just because we don't really know the second/third/nth-order effects geoengineering solutions might have. I'm not saying it should never be done, but I think much more research is in order before doing something that literally affects the entire planet.

[0] I believe I learned that from this book (which I thought was excellent), although I'm not 100% sure:

drallison · 2015-05-14 · Original thread
What a difference five years has made; this article is from 2010. And the impacts of global warming continue to get worse at an increasing rate. And government seems incapable of identifying it as a crisis, much less identifying it as an existential crisis.

Naomi Klein's This Changes Everything ( is a must read. As Rob Nixon's Nov 2014 NY Times review states, Ms. Klein "argues that the climate crisis cannot be addressed in the current era of neoliberal market fundamentalism, which encourages profligate consumption and has resulted in mega-mergers and trade agreements hostile to the health of the environment." Amen.

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