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dmix · 2013-08-14 · Original thread
For those not aware, the Forbes author of this article wrote a book on the history of cypherpunks (including the mailing list) which Dread Pirate Roberts was most likely a part of, or the very least inspired by it's members in some way:

Having interviewed Timothy May, Cryptome founder and Phil Zimmermann is probably how he earned enough reputation to have this interview set up.

dmix · 2013-02-10 · Original thread
After reading "This Machine Kills Secrets" [1] I have to agree with the sentiment in this blog post (although maybe not the tone):

Assange should have followed the philosophy of the cypherpunk mailing list he spent so much time on in the 1990s that was all about with protecting your identity, using cryptography, being anonymous and affecting change through technology.

Wikileaks used that methodology well for their whistleblowers but Assange did the opposite by being so public... and I'm not sure it was all for the best.


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