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avichalp · 2019-05-27 · Original thread
Everything by Patio11 [0]. Traction by Gabriel Weinberg [1]. Also, see IndieHackers community [2] if you are interested bootstrapping.




DeanWormer · 2017-12-20 · Original thread
This is the one that's usually recommended here. It's a great book!
danenania · 2017-08-13 · Original thread
This is basically the advice of Traction[1], which is the best book I've come across on this topic. They recommend experimenting with acquisition channels until you find one or two that produce great results, milking them for all they're worth, then continuing to experiment in order to find the new channel(s) that will get you to the next stage.

That said, there is still value in seeing many potential channels laid out in one place, so that you can consider all of them, weigh them against each other, and potentially try out a bunch before zeroing in on the best ones.


The website that goes along with the book
danielzarick · 2016-07-10 · Original thread
TJ – I've found this book to be particularly useful for generating marketing ideas: Written by the founder of DuckDuckGo, and a great reminder of all the different channels for marketing.

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