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benreesman · 2022-08-02 · Original thread
I find this stuff fascinating, and this article is way above average for online posts about proprietary/algorithmic/quantitative/low-latency trading (very leaky Venn diagram there). I have a few nitpicks but overall it's informative and it's an interesting format: viewing an industry through the lens of a particular firm, especially one as fascinating as Jane. Anything that develops literacy in modern finance amongst the lay public is a good thing in my book.

If this stuff floats your boat I'd also recommend any of Carl Cook's talks, e.g. Optiver is AFAIK in a somewhat different business than Jane, but they're also players (or were last I had any inside baseball).

Too many people got their worldview on this industry from "Flash Boys", and I say this as a Lewis fan, is criminally stupid at best and in bad faith at worst (if you want a well-researched, accessible alternative: is about a zillion times better).

It's a pretty short list of places I'd ever go through some grueling and semi-arbitrary gauntlet to work for, but Jane is on it for sure.

I hope the author(s) do Medallion next.

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