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grendelt · 2019-04-04 · Original thread
The book Tubes also has some great looks at the chore of laying undersea cables.
rosege · 2019-03-11 · Original thread
There is also this book Tubes by Andrew Blum about the cables:

Someone gave it to me at a previous job but never left a note to say who so I couldn't thank them.

Famicoman · 2018-06-26 · Original thread
Tubes by Andrew Blum does a great job at introducing how the infrastructure is layed put and operates to a certain degree,

That said, I would love some more in-depth books on the topic.

m-app · 2015-10-12 · Original thread
Also, Tubes by Andrew Blum to get a taste of the physical part of the Internet. (
zrail · 2013-06-22 · Original thread
"Tubes: a Journey to the Center of the Internet" by Andrew Blum[1] examines the transatlantic cables from a historical perspective, along with the rest of the internet. It's not especially technical and he talks about a dead squirrel maybe a few too many times, but it's a pretty good read. I wrote a review about it a month ago[2].

[1]: [2]:

luigi · 2012-12-20 · Original thread
I'm in the middle of reading "Tubes" by Andrew Blum, which is the story of how the Internet was physically built. MAE-East, PAIX, Ashburn, and all that.

The Kindle version is $1.99 right now. I paid $9.99 for it last week.

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