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jrgrafton · 2020-12-21 · Original thread
Great feedback. Looking at my own experience and qualities as a leader then re-reading the title I agree. In my current position I'm very rarely the smartest person in the room.

I've softened the title and added emphasis in the closing paragraph to 'leadership at every level' from "Turn the Ship Around!"[0] . One of the best books I've found on this topic)

Further reflecting there's an opportunity here for an article that dives deeper on this topic as to how one can build a culture of self sufficiency, initiative and independent decision making into organizations.

Thanks again for the thoughtful feedback!


alexpotato · 2019-07-11 · Original thread
For those interested in a book about both management AND nuclear submarine safety I highly recommend this book:

One great example: Junior folks kept hitting the wrong buttons during safety evaluations so the crew instituted a "positive action" e.g. "I am about to turn on this device" before they did anything.

During the safety review, the reviewers came back and said:

"You performed fewer errors than anyone we've ever tested. Actually, we take that back, your crew was ABOUT TO make as many mistakes as normal but the verbal call out meant that everything was double checked leading to such a lower error count"

cathartes · 2016-07-28 · Original thread
> Good managers are invisible geniuses who know how to fade into the backdrop, get out of your way, allow you to make decisions, and do not feel fear that they have to micromanage or create empty superficial artifacts to justify that they are working.

I feel like this book discusses exactly the kind of Good Manager you are talking about:

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