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dmix · 2017-04-01 · Original thread
The book just came out yesterday (March 31, 2017) too. It was a great idea to time it with the release of 1.0:

I'd love to see another Haskell-esque language get mainstream adoption. Especially one pushing programming in a new direction.

I love types, I just haven't had the chance to use Haskell in anything but toy applications, the learning curve was very steep but so far rewarding, and led me to miss it in when using the type system hacked onto Erlang/Elixir which is (obviously) lacking as a result. Although still a step forward over other languages. Looking forward to trying out Idris.

Edit: just noticed there's no Kindle version (yet?), that's too bad :(. Maybe MEAP has a licensing deal to exclusively sell the digital versions?

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