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autarch · 2016-05-01 · Original thread
I cannot recommend Understanding and Using C Pointers by Richard Reese highly enough (

Learning C syntax is pretty easy. Learning to use the standard library is mostly a matter of reading man pages and other people's code. But I found understanding pointers and memory management completely opaque until I read that book. It definitely brought me from "beginning C hacker flailing about" to "intermediate C hacker flailing about in a more dangerous way".

millerm · 2013-08-01 · Original thread
Thanks for the link. I will pass this onto other developers I know who have trouble understanding this topic.

I recently read this book and it's the best book I've ever read about pointers in C:

Understanding and Using C Pointers Core techniques for memory management By Richard Reese Publisher: O'Reilly Media Released: May 2013 Pages: 226

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