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netgusto · 2018-06-12 · Original thread
For those who wonder, the uncredited cartoon strip

"When you look at a photo or see a realistic face, you see it as the face of another; but when you enter the world of cartoon, you see yourself"

is from Scott McCloud's excellent "The Invisible Art" [1].

Cannot recommend it strongly enough; it contains a rich and enlightening analysis of cartoons, and through that of the way we human perceive and communicate using graphics.


ethank · 2011-10-23 · Original thread
If anyone hasn't read Understanding Comics, it's a fantastic book.

And for the HN set, it is actually really good for UX inspiration.

akkartik · 2010-07-01 · Original thread
"One obvious difference between art and games is that you can win a game."

Yes, and you can live in a cathedral. People get so dogmatic about separating form from function. I prefer Scott McCloud's far more inclusive definition (

cwb · 2009-01-21 · Original thread
When my physics teacher lent me Euclid rules, OK?(1) I was struck by how effectively and engagingly comics could explain concepts and help build mental models. Scott McCloud analyses the medium superbly in Understanding Comics (Amazon:; TED:

Which are your favourite non-fiction comics?

(1) Euclid rules, OK? is now titled Here's Looking at Euclid and can be downloaded from the linked page.

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