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Torn · 2013-06-18 · Original thread
He's written a further compilation of his works in a book titled "Understanding Privacy":

It's a great read, and includes a section on the 'nothing to hide' fallacy

Torn · 2010-02-01 · Original thread
'Why should I care about privacy, I have nothing to hide" is one of the most harmful, narrow but yet common arguments put forward for this.

I strongly recommend people with viewpoints on either side of the argument to go read D. Solove's essay on the subject over at - it's quite short and a great read.

His "Understanding Privacy" work is a fantastic book which develops this and his other essays, and provides a great methodology for understanding the scope of - and breaking down the harm inherent in - modern privacy problems. I studied it for my Master's in Cyberlaw, and would highly recommend anyone with an interest in IT / cyberlaw / philosophy to track down a copy and read it.

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