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csffsc · 2014-05-07 · Original thread
I would be, even more so if there was an active forum/irc channel.

In fact I just finished a C Programming course at a state university. After talking with the professor I decided to continue on myself with a C++ book (to be determined), and a Linux Kernel book, [Understanding the Linux Kernel](

Finding a group of people of a similar skill level willing to do this type of learning would be fantastic.

Locke1689 · 2009-08-04 · Original thread
Good, but a little outdated. For general systems overview, as well as introduction to UNIX architecture, I'd actually recommend my textbook, which is the CMU intro systems book, Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective[1]. For OS theory, our OS/advanced OS textbooks are fine, but for actual implementation my coworkers recommended The Design of the UNIX Operating System[2], Linux System Programming[3], and Understanding the Linux Kernel[4].





scott_s · 2008-09-09 · Original thread
Per the "read code" suggestion, I often come up with excuses to browse through the Linux kernel code:

It's clean, discoverable and it does interesting things. Although it might help to first go through a book like Understanding the Linux Kernel:

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