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sohkamyung · 2020-01-09 · Original thread
The recent book by Brian Kernighan, "UNIX: A History and a Memoir" [1], was a fascinating personal memoir about the birth of Unix as well as how things used to work at AT&T Bell Labs.


japhyr · 2019-12-12 · Original thread
Recently someone on HN recommended Unix: A History and a Memoir by Brian Kernighan. I'm almost finished, and it's been a wonderful read.

I love reading about the development of early programming languages and computing environments, but I was surprised to find how helpful it is for deepening my understanding of things I use every day. It's amazing to me that tools like grep, which I use without a second thought, were written in the 1960s and 1970s and the code behind them hasn't been changed all that much.

stevej_cbr · 2019-10-30 · Original thread
It's now available. Big thanks to BWK for doing this.

Australia: A$11.99 [my local site]

or US$8.20

vs printed book US$18

kbd · 2019-10-21 · Original thread
Weird, URL is which loads for me.

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