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theptip · 2016-12-03 · Original thread
I think this fundamentally misses an important part of human nature -- we can want things in the abstract (be more healthy, be more well-read, etc.) but not actually "straight up enjoy" them.

There are techniques for training yourself to think differently about tasks though; Tony Robbins talks a lot about how to train yourself to have the positive associations that you choose, instead of the ones that your environment and upbringing bestowed on you[1]. Some of that reads a bit cultish but I think there's some good stuff in there.


nottoday88 · 2016-07-04 · Original thread
Thanks a lot for your opinion. I see that you recommended the book , I will try to read it.

Good luck with your FB-messenger app.

dc17 · 2016-06-22 · Original thread
Hi, these are a great question and a right conclusion. But become the good communicator is only a small thing that you have to change about themselves.

Here are just several points from my experience. 1) You have to get as much responsibility, as you can. 2) You have to became confident and tough. 3) And Yes, you have to became a better communicator.

Finally all these are about working on yourself. I can recommend you this book, which really helped me:

By the way it took more that a year to change yourself ) Good Luck!

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