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zcw100 · 2021-12-06 · Original thread
William Cleveland, "Elements of Graphing Data"[1] and "Visualizing Data"[2]

Cleveland worked at Bell Labs and his work is timeless and very practical. It isn't about artwork or making things look nice. It's about communicating information. I like to contrast his work with Tufte's. Tufte comes up with some nice stuff but I find it to be more art than science where the information is clearly sacrificed to ascetics. With visualizations I always ask myself, "Do you know more now about what is going on than you did before or is it just something nice to look at?" Way too often it's the latter.



Oh - I meant to say - that quote is from this book:
taylorbuley · 2013-07-26 · Original thread
If you're looking for a more quantitative version of Tufte, I highly recommend Cleveland ( and Wilkinson (
duck · 2010-04-14 · Original thread
I would check out Visualizing Data -

Also, I enjoy this site

gtani · 2009-10-09 · Original thread
I think Cleveland was the first person to write about DV. Anyway, this book has been recommended to me several times

showerst · 2009-03-26 · Original thread
The Visualizaing Data book from is a good easy way to jump into processing.

There are some frustrating typos in the code, but if you're a programmer you should be able to fix them quickly, and you build some neat stuff.

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