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Oh - I meant to say - that quote is from this book:
taylorbuley · 2013-07-26 · Original thread
If you're looking for a more quantitative version of Tufte, I highly recommend Cleveland ( and Wilkinson (
duck · 2010-04-14 · Original thread
I would check out Visualizing Data -

Also, I enjoy this site

gtani · 2009-10-09 · Original thread
I think Cleveland was the first person to write about DV. Anyway, this book has been recommended to me several times

showerst · 2009-03-26 · Original thread
The Visualizaing Data book from is a good easy way to jump into processing.

There are some frustrating typos in the code, but if you're a programmer you should be able to fix them quickly, and you build some neat stuff.

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