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Htsthbjig · 2014-11-17 · Original thread
"If you know anything about China activities in Tibet, you would know that China IS evil."

Following that rule, the US is evil too. How many native Americans they exterminated? Millions in California alone.

How many innocent people died in Iraq after US invasion for taking their oil?. How many people have died in Libya from the war US promoted?

Of course, most of Americans(that don't travel around the world, know languages and understand other countries) believe the propaganda that says that the invasion of Iraq(or any other country) was to promote freedom and democracy and lollipops. So do the Chinese, they have their own propaganda machine, like the US.

But war is a racket, it has always been:

Now, for example, most Americans have a strong opinion against Putin, without having traveled to Russia or the Ukraine because what they know about it is given by a channeled(and powerful controlled) media they believe to be truthful.

Having lived both in the US and China,and traveling there often I perceive the US had freedom in the past but is decreasing fast with the 9/11 NSA abuses and whatnot, while China lacked freedom but increases it day after day.

Americans believe using words alone is enough, like saying "we are the land of the free", but in practice they are giving away the freedoms they have in exchange for other perceived qualities, like "security".

ucee054 · 2013-02-12 · Original thread
And I should known better than to reply to someone putting words in my mouth.

I am responsible neither for your ignorance nor for your mistaking of battlefield trivia for all of history.

Once you actually know something about World War Two we can talk about Wikileaks in 1940.

Here are some references. Go and learn what the hell you're talking about.

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