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hangonhn · 2014-10-18 · Original thread
A few more I would add ( not sure if they are "professional" enough but all very insightful and similar to the existing ones on that list ).

1. Boyd ( ) - Came up with the EM theory that gave the air force the analytical framework to analyze dog fighting maneuvers and aircraft. Known for authoring the OODA loop and leading the infamous Fighter Mafia that gave us the F-16 and F/A-18

2. Warfight ( ) Boyd' OODA ideas distilled into a book

3. The American Way of War ( )

4. Engineers of Victory ( ) - a decent account of how middle level officers solve problems that allowed strategies to be realized

5. Makers of Modern Strategy ( )

6. The German Army ( ) - A great account of the rise and fall of the German army, including its innovations caused by the constraints imposed on it and its fall

7. Panzer Battles ( ) - a great account how the various battles fought by the German army and where they excelled and where their shortcomings are and vice versa for their enemies.

8. The Second World War( ) - Great "summary" of the Second World War, including the civilian dimension.

9. Panzer Leader ( ) - a history of the development and deployment of the German panzer armies by the father of tank warfare himself.

10. Six Days of War ( )

11. The Yom Kippur War ( ) - an account of the Yom Kippur War and how the Israelis were blind to the innovations of the Egyptian army that upended its defense strategy based on tanks and aircraft and also how a near victory for the Egyptians allowed them to negotiate a peace with Israel.

icey · 2009-01-29 · Original thread
"Warfighting", hands down:

It won't teach you how to drive tanks and lob grenades, but it is one of the best military strategy books I've read.

If you just want the PDF, it's freely available here:

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