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pacman2 · 2021-02-25 · Original thread
I tell you how we find them: We are looking for an entropy source.

It may be in fact the meaning of live for humans to dissipate energy (Got this idea here: )

It could also be an argument for bitcoin if criticized for too high energy consumption.

joyj2nd · 2020-05-25 · Original thread
Well, her prediction is pretty close for conventional oil:

How sustainable the production of non conventional oil is, has to be seen, taking into account: costs of production and ROEI.

"And predictions from the Peak Oil crowd from 15 years ago about what would happen in 15 years were mostly wrong."

I am not sure about this either. The limits of growth projected the problems into the 1st half of the 21th century. This would end 2050, in 30 years. The questions is: Are the roller coaster oil prices and negative interest rates we are seeing the pre-curser of problems ahead or just a funny coincidence?

"My personal take: after the 1960s, people basically stopped inventing more energy-intensive goods and services that could achieve mass market adoption." This is wrong. Most people would like a flying car or a trip to the moon. Bitcoin consumes energy too.

This may be an overstatement: By 2040, computers will need more electricity than the world can generate

Please also consider jevons Paradox. A more efficient use of resources leads to faster depletion:

"We are encountering the per capita "limits to growth" in highly developed nations but the limits showed up on the demand side before the supply side"

I doubt that either. In this book scientists explain there most dangerous ideas:

One idea was: Purpose of live is energy dissipation. Consequently, I remember a scientist saying, in what to look for in extraterrestrial live: Look for an entropy source.

cdibona · 2011-01-24 · Original thread
John Brockman often combines these into book form and sells them later. Look for it in a little while.

Here's previous edge question compilations:

What Is Your Dangerous Idea:

And others:

(yes, affiliate links) I have essys in two of them. :-)

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